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    Portable Cabin

    The leading specialty of our company is manufacturing Portable Cabins. The core specialty of our product is the bare minimum life of 20 years. You can get many times more worth of your paid amount by using the most distinguished and dazzling cabins of ours. Even if you are located at remote or isolated areas, we are all set to serve you in the best possible manner. We craft living modules, office units, recreation rooms, kitchen units, mess units, toilets and also the shower units. To get the unmatchable results, visit our gallery of Portable Cabins.

    Security guard Cabin

    Security is the basic need of any industry and proper accommodation is their crucial needs. We proffer some of the most suitable and requisite security cabins in India. These cabins are sunlight and rain proof, which allows the security guards to concentrate on their jobs precisely. We also are involved in creating Bunk Beds for the vigilances. So, keep your security high and alert by using our safer and secured security cabins.

    Portable Toilet

    Mobile Toilets and Shower rooms are the unavoidable requirements of the sites. We, C have some of the experts of this era. We are able to offer you numerous toilets in different kinds and designs that can bother you least for the maintenance and cleanliness. The special specialty of our Portable Toilets is that they allow you to use them to as many places as you wish. The longer lasting quality materials and the flexible designs make this possible quite easily. Meet your sanitary needs hygienically and have the most sophisticated and refined solutions for the Portable Cabins and mobile toilets.

    Toll Booths

    Toll Booths are becoming quite common and highly demanding with the wider demands of fly-over and highways as well. The private structure is getting involved in satisfying the infrastructural needs of the country and to make this happen systematically, the toll booths need to have the advance creation. We are creating Toll Booths for the computer stations and server stations as well. So, to earn a nicely planned and designed Toll Booth, get in touch with us.

    Industrial Sheds

    Roofing is the heart of any industry. The roofing has to be properly planned and secured from the rain and hazardous sunlight. We are having a team of expert engineers who are capable of creating roof on the heads of industries in quite amazing manner. The planning of these designers is quite impressive and it is appraised by many of the reputed industries after having an experience of our team work. You also can have one touch for the most durable and weather withstanding shelter of Crystal Cabins.

    Portable Kitchen

    Kitchen is the root need of the people. When you are on the move or even when the industries are on the rotating nature, the kitchens have to be in the portable form. We are creating the kitchens that can be used anywhere in the world with the simplest manners and formalities. The Kitchen made by us is having all the stands and portable racks that are required in a furnished kitchen. We also have kept in mind the practical needs of a person to fulfill the needs of kitchen and food serving.

    So, do not hesitate in approaching the company who is ready to make the portable kitchens for you or even for the industrial workers in mass. Have a visit to our photo gallery to get convinced about what we say!!

    Portable Laboratory

    If you are in the science field, you must be aware of the needs of the laboratories. There are numeric fields including pharmaceutical line who are involved heavily with the Laboratories to check the reasons and results of the tastes. There has to be very precise and perfect performance to make a laboratory as even the simpler mistake can create big danger for the people. But, we are quite glad to have a team who are not only having the engineering know-how but also are engaged in making the scientific needs satisfied in scientific manner.

    So, do not worry about the portable laboratories, just have a glance at the photo gallery of ours and place an order to us for the same.

    Portable Bedroom

    Rest is the ultimate need of any person in the world. We are offering the amazed and luxurious rest even when you are on the move or even to the industrial workers. The Portable Bedrooms are quite worth of getting attached and detached as per requirements. The most flexible and exclusive bedrooms are the core specialty of ours. The facilities provided by us in these portable bedrooms can double the capacity of production and imagination for the users as they get quite satisfactory and hygienic area to get rested.

    PUF Cabins

    PUF (Poly urethane foam) are not be able to changed, We called it rigid body. These panels are used to several things like Cold Storage, Insulated Walls, Ceilings for offices, Buildings, Factories Sheds etc.


    Portable Bath Portable Bath
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    Portable Cabin Portable Cabins
    Portable Cabins Portable Cabins
    Portable Cabins Portable Cabins
    Portable Cabins Portable Cabins
    Portable Bath Portable Bath
    Inside Portable Cabins Inside of Cabins
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